Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesterday was awesome. It was like one of the best days ever, besides the crazy snow storm we got. Yesterday was such a great day, the snow storm didn't even bother me. I got these cute little skull tattoos on my feet. They're so adorable, they're white, and have little black daisies on their heads. I worked a long shift, but it wasn't that unbearable. After work, I attempted to go shopping, however the roads were horrible, so I decided it was best for me to go home. Before work, after the tattoos, I went to the mall. I bought myself some super cute shoes from American Eagle. I can't wait until the snow melts and I can wear them. They'll look super awesome with my new tats. I also bought a few Cd's yesterday. I bought two Trews albums, they're pretty stellar. Although I can't stop listening to the Weakerthans for the life of me. When I arrived home last night, I noticed something in the mailbox. It was the Cd by Tommy Guerrero, I've been waiting YEARS for. I was so happy I almost cried when I opened up, and seen the Cd for the first time. I'm so glad to have finally gotten it. I listened to a bit of it last night. It's so good, just exactly as I remembered, if not better. But like I said I can't stop listening to the Weakerthans for the life of me. I really want to listen to A Little Bit of Somethin' by Tommy Guerrero, but I can't seem to find the attention span to do it. The only thing my mind can listen to consistently is the Weakerthans. I'm sure in a week or two I will have moved on to something else. Hopefully it'll be Tommy Guerrero. I was up until the wee hours of the morning just enjoying music and listening to it. I was listening to my mp3 library on shuffle, so I got to hear a lot of great songs I haven't heard for a really long time. At one point this one song came on, and it reminded me of someone so much. I couldn't stop thinking of them, and wanted them there with me at that moment, and I started crying because I missed them so much, or wanted them that badly. It was a weird moment for me. I don't know if a song has ever made me cry in that way before. I've listened to songs that have made me cry because it was an old tormented love song, and I've cried tears of sadness. But these were more tears of happiness, because this person is in my life and one of my good friends. I just wanted so much for him to be there with me. I then listened to the song on repeat for about 20 minutes. It was just so bizarre and unexpected, I did not see myself, reacting that way to a song. It was so unexpected, I was sitting there singing along with the song, and all of sudden tears were streaming down my face, and because of the unexpected reaction, I couldn't stop listening to the song. I had to finally force myself to move on from the song. But yesterday was awesome, just for the experiences and the shopping, and the feelings that I felt. I have not experienced some of those feelings in the longest time. Feeling the emotions that I felt yesterday was just amazing, and they took me by surprise.

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