Saturday, December 26, 2009


Found my guitar tuner a few days back. That made me happy. It was a sign for me to start playing again. Tuned up my guitar, but by then it was time for bed. Tried playing a few chords. Very rusty, must practice.

Listening to this one song from Buck 65's Dirtbike 3 non-stop. So amazingly good.
The way you look at me sometimes, could melt the snow. Also the song Windsor Beer by The Crooked Brothers. It makes me want to head to the Windsor, have a few beer, and listen to the blues. Just sounds like home. I'll get Windsor drunk, and start thinking Windsor clear. Now that I have loved you, love will never be the same. Drinking for me often brings this weird sense of clarity. When it should be making things more muddled. I think too much.

I am actually sober writing this at 5:30 am. Usually when I'm up this late, I'm in an altered state of mind. Decided to give my liver a break today. Plus I took way too many naps, so that fucked up my sleep. It would've been fine, but there's so many people here. Playing musical beds. My niece hi-jacked my first bed, so I optioned the couch. People came in drunk, told me to go downstairs and sleep. I did, however about 20 minutes later, they had since forgot. Came downstairs and booted me out of that bed. Tried the couch again. That didn't work. I believe I have slept for about an hour tonight. I might try the couch again, but it doesn't seem promising.

Christmas was good. Got a new digital camera, a Wii, a Wii Fit Plus, a dress shirt and a gift card for more clothes. Hope to make it back into the city tomorrow in time for some Boxing Day shopping. Need to pick up a few things before I head out to Mexico on the 27th.

Did the last show of the year this past Sunday. It was fun, got to play what I've been listening to over the past week or two, or even the past year. Won't be doing the show this Sunday as I'll be in Mexico. Might make it back in time to do the first show of the year on January 3rd, however, I am unaware what time my flight gets back in.

Trying to convince myself to buy $350 headphones. Don't think I'll win that argument. So glad I'm not trying to sleep right now, said people keep on walking up and down the stairs, and passing through the couch area.

I'm still breathing, my heart's still thoughts cannot stop racing. Sleep. Music. Lyrics.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Been having a pretty good week so far. Not letting things get to me. Moving on. It's a good feeling. I've been meaning to write more. Both on this and for myself. I've finally gotten around to this, hope to get around to writing on paper soon.

Pretty uneventful week. Went out Monday for a friend's birthday. That was fun. Worked through the volunteer party. Skipped out on the staff party tonight. Tomorrow should be a blast. Going out with my best friend for her birthday! So excited, it's been so long since we've celebrated her birthday together. I'm not sure what's up for Saturday. Really want to go see The Farrell Brothers, but we'll see how that goes.

Been listening to Buck 65's Dirtbike project non-stop. Especially Dirtbike 3. There's this one track on there I cannot get enough of. Looking forward to doing the radio show on Sunday. It'll be our last show of the year. No theme, going to play music we straight up enjoy. Good times.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Show

Had an awesome show tonight. Everything just came together. There was nothing that I wanted to play that I didn't get the chance to. Kicked off the show with Mos Def. Oh how I love him. Jocelyn played some awesome tracks I really dug. Got my Buck 65 fix. He's just so amazing. I believe I'll love anything he's involved with. Learned about this Dirtbike project he did last year. Started listening to it today. We'll see how that goes.

Been listening to a lot of the Beastie Boys this past week. Playing Solid Gold Hits non-stop. They rock so much, and just put me in a good mood. I knew I got my Solid Gold tattoo for more reasons than Eagles of Death Metal. Go Beastie Boys!

After so much of nothing, I have so much going on this week. A friend's birthday party tomorrow, possibly a volunteer get together on Wednesday, a staff party on Thursday, my best friend's birthday on Friday, along with 80's vs 90's night. Definitely looking forward to that. On Saturday is another friends birthday party, the Crooked Brothers are playing, and so are the Farrell Brothers at the Albert. But no matter what events I decide to go to when, I'm sure it'll be fun.

Almost picked up my guitar yesterday for about the first time in 6 months. However it's horribly out of tune, and I misplaced my tuner. I cannot tune it by ear. I did a lot of writing over the weekend, and feel good about it. Things to expand on.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I always seem to make bad choices. Well not always, but more often than not, especially when dealing with my love life. And that is all I shall say about that.

I haven't been very good about updating lately. Just been too busy with someone that wasn't really worth my time in the long run. Must start going to shows again. I have missed way too many shows since August. There has been so many shows that I've wanted to go to, but I didn't for various reasons, and I'm just finally kicking myself in the ass about that now.

Must start anew.

A few weeks ago, The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day finally played in my fair city. Went and watched it, it was awesome as far as sequels go. I believe that was the last movie I went to go see in the theatres.

Been doing a shitload of reading. Finally read some Hemingway, and actually enjoyed the 2 books of his that I read. Next is a detective novel, see how that turns out. Sherlock Holmes comes out this month. I really want to see that, and also read the set of novels he was featured in. But am unsure where to start. Just finish reading the books that I currently have out of the library and the ones that are on hold.

That is my life as of late, movies and books, and radio show on Sundays. The radio show brings me up. Had a shitty weekend, the show definitely brought my mood up for the time being. So many things to do, so little time. Must get a passport. Don't want to. Ugh.