Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Moment

Something I wrote a few weeks ago.

The moment
You walk out that door
Everything ends
There ain't no
Must start
over again
Just leave me alone
Don't even
Want to
be friends
Dragged on
Far too long
Just want it
All to end
You said
it all tonight
Don't want
to be here
Not even trying to
Put up a fight
For everything
We had
Never want to hear
from you again
You brought
me along
To hurt me again
I really need
this to end
So sick of this
back and forth
You don't treat
Me what I'm worth
Leave me alone tonight
for right now
and the rest
of your life.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Stuff

I meant to write a blog update, on January 27th, which was the year mark of me starting this. However, I got distracted as usual, and forgot to update this entirely. Just finished listening to Bike for Three! - More Heart Than Brains. I love that album and cannot get enough of it. It's so good.

I had an amazing weekend. On Friday I went to The Royal Albert to check out Bloodshot Bill and The Angry Dragons. Had a great time dancing. Jocelyn joined up with me. Just when I thought it was over after The Angry Dragons stopped playing, another band started setting up. The Vibrating Beds were so good! The Angry Dragons rocked so hard, and made me want to dance! And The Vibrating beds were just amazing. Didn't get home until after 3. Watched Entourage. I love that show.

Saturday was much the same as Friday night, headed over to The Royal Albert, when I arrived The Farrell Brothers just hit the stage. It was only my second time seeing them, but I'd definitely go see them again. Then Bloodshot Bill hit the stage with 3/4s of The Angry Dragons, as his backing band. It was awesome, I love going out and dancing, and this music made me want to dance.

Sunday we did the FUNdrive show. It was so awesome. I had so much fun doing it. We played a lot of awesome music. We sang Jackson on air. I was Johnny Cash, and Jocelyn played the part of June Carter Cash. It was a blast, and had a great time doing the show. We broke our goal and raised 985$! That was a great feeling, raising that much, especially during the Super Bowl. Go us! After the show, went to go check out The Crooked Brothers, and the end of the Super Bowl. Matt, from The Crooked Brothers, lost his voice. I'd really like to go see them again when he has his voice back.

I'm keeping my ears to the ground for things going on this weekend. I can't be bothered to stay in. Need to get out. And dance. Or just enjoy music.