Friday, July 31, 2009

Right On

The Briggs were fucking awesome! I got there, and my name wasn't on the list. The doorman talked to someone with The Briggs and I was let it. Go me!

I arrived way to early. Really must work on my timing. It was after 11 when Left Alone came on. They put on a fun show.

The Briggs came on just before 12:30. I was worried I wouldn't make my last bus, or I would have to leave the show early. However it all worked out for the best. They played an awesome set and were highly entertaining. I had fun on the outskirts of the mosh pit. Involved but not totally. They finished their last song just in time for me to leave. Or at least I hope that's how it played out. For all I know they went on for an encore, I didn't stay to find out.

Couldn't focus today. Totally scatterbrained. Had fun though.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good stuff

Inspiration has struck, or people have given me good ideas. I think it's both the same. Things seems to be going well. I was able to write over the past weekend, thinking of more stuff to write. Always thinking. This time thinking and reflecting is a good thing rather than not.

At the same time I seem to have a lot of pent up rage and aggression. It's weird. One hand I'm stoked and whatnot, and at the same time, sometimes I just wanna punch or push random douche bags. I'm not liking this random violence feeling.

Tomorrow I shall get rid of all that pent up rage and aggression. I won tickets for The Briggs and Left Alone, at the Albert tomorrow. A good punk mosh pit should do that for me. I'm looking forward to it. I have a plus one, but have been unsuccessful at finding one. Nothing I'm too concerned about. It's just how I roll.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I've been listening to Bike for Three! pretty much non stop since I bought the CD last week. It's just so awesomely amazing. I've also been listening to Camera Obscura. Nothing really interesting happened in the past week.

The show went well tonight. Didn't get to play everything on my list, but that's a good thing, because I can play it next week, or the week after. The playlists are being posted at

Went and seen Flash Lightnin' and Eagles of Death Metal after the show. It was awesome Flash Lightnin' rocks, and I want to listen to them more. Eagles of Death Metal were stellar! They opened up with Cherry Cola. I can't exactly remember what the last song was. They played my personal favourites for the most part. But I like so many of their songs. I was so stoked they did Whorehoppin'. I was pleasantly surprised that they played my favourite song, Now I'm A Fool. It strikes me as a more mellow tune. I was so happy they performed it. Jesse started off the encore with Takin' Care of Business. They did a few covers in the encore. I hope they make it back here again.

Last night, had a bit of a break in the writers block, and wrote a few things last night. I haven't read them over, but am glad I was able to write, and I'm sure it's at least half decent.

Hopefully I was able to make some one's night. I had an extra ticket, and couldn't find anyone to come with me to E.O.D.M. When I got to the venue I asked if they were selling tickets, and it was sold out, well they had only 1 ticket left. So I told them if someone was looking for a ticket to give them mine. Hopefully someone went there and was able to get it for free.

That was my good deed for the week. Not that I have a good deed quota.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well what has transpired in the past week in a bit? I meant to update this yesterday, but I have a horrible memory. Last week was pretty uneventful for the most part.

Friday after work, I went and got a super sweet tattoo. I love it. People think I'm clever, even thought it's not what I imagined in my head. It's my tattoo artist who's clever.

Saturday night, I went out to the Pyramid to go check out, Bruthers of Different Muthers, Dreadnaught, and Breach of Trust. I was wasted. They put on a really good shows. I need to learn to be more quiet whilst drinking. Had a great time, stayed for way too long. I met Breach of Trust years ago when I was 16. They were opening up for Finger Eleven, I remember talking to them, and they were really nice guys. That's why I wanted to go see them again, and true to form, they are really nice guys.

I couldn't sleep in on Sunday for whatever reason. Was up way too early. Went to the mall in the afternoon. Bought two CDs. Was at the station at 4:30. Gave me plenty of time to find my music, have a simple game plan, and start. I knew what I wanted to start off the show with. I knew generally the songs/bands I wanted to play. When the show started, I had two or three songs lined up, after that I had no idea. I kept it up the entire show, not knowing what I was going to play the next song or two. Just ideas and moods, after listening to one song, well I'd like to hear this next, and so forth.

Three shows down, five to go until Jocelyn returns.

After the show I stuck around the station for a bit. Found and listened to some new music. Came home listened to said music. Watched a bunch of romantic comedies that were playing on Movie Time. Laid in bed, listened to music again whilst reading Hard Core Roadshow. The journal of writing a movie about a four punk guys, doing a reunion tour is awesome. It makes me want to start a band, and tour.

Today I listened to Bike for Three, most of the day. I love Richard Terfry/Buck 65. Just something about his voice, and the lyrics he comes up with. Joelle the other person in this project, her music is so very imaginative. I really enjoy this collaboration. I think it's so amazing that they've never actually met in person.

It makes me really want to write and create. Start something up.

The only thing holding me back, is myself.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

I haven't seen Sandy, angry Johnny, or Mary
I heard they got married
Mighta had a couple babies
And traded their memories
For Farview and Acres
And never play no pinball
Or get out past the breakers

But not me, pretty baby
I still love Tom Petty songs
And driving old men crazy
And not while Little Eden is waiting
So you sing me slow songs
And I'll drive you crazy


But all I want is you to be alright and satisfied
Brothers and sisters know anytime or late at night
If you call I will answer, I'm open ears though tired eyes
But the world closed it's arms on us now

Can I get a witness pretty baby
I still love Tom Petty songs
And driving old men crazy
And not while Little Eden is waiting
So you sing me a slow song
And I'll drive you crazy

All right, all right
All right, all right
All night, all night!

There's a party tonight, say it's alright
Tell your poppa you'll be home when the good feeling dies

But not me, pretty baby
I still love Tom Petty songs
And driving old men crazy
And not while Little Eden is waiting
So you sing me a slow song darlin'
I'll drive you crazy

All right, all right
All right, all right
Tonight! Honey!
All night, tonight
And I'll drive you crazy

A song I currently can't stop listening to by The Gaslight Anthem.


I just got back from seeing No Doubt, it was off the hook!! Bedouin Soundclash was the first opener and they put on a really good set, the reggaeness of it, brought me back to yesterday and Reggae Fest. Paramore went on next, they did well, I'm not a fan of theirs really. I haven't really heard a song by them, so it's not that I'm not a fan, I just really haven't heard of them, other than they had a song or two on the Twilight soundtrack, which I also haven't watched.

No Doubt was kick ass. They opened up with Spiderwebs, and ended off their encore with Sunday Morning, two of my favourite No Doubt songs. I listened to Jocelyn's advice and it worked remarkably well. Do not listen to the band you're going to see before you see them. I've been boycotting No Doubt on my iPod and my iTunes for the past month. But every song they played was awesome. If I had been listening to them, I would've been, like ugh, they didn't play this or that song.

I'm keeping up the advice for Eagles of Death Metal, so I removed them from my iPod, and if they start playing on my iTunes I pass it up. I'm so stoked for Eagles of Death Metal at the end of the month. So no listening to them, it's hard, but I think I'll be able to do it, that way when I go see them, it's all the more awesome.

On Friday I'm getting a super sweet tattoo, I'm really looking forward too it. Right now I'm obsessed with the Gaslight Anthem. They rock like hardcore!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I think the show went really well today, minus a few hiccups. I tried playing a song that Jocelyn requested, but when I went to play it the internet stopped working. Boourns. I also had to do a Folk Fest recap with this guy named Adam, however it took me a few minutes to figure out the Telco feature. But other than those little mistakes, it went well, I wasn't as nervous.

After the show, I walked over to Old Market Square to check out the Soca Reggae Festival, it was the last night. I haven't seen much live music lately, so it was nice. I left early though, I liked the bands and artists I did manage to see.

Tomorrow I'm going to see No Doubt hopefully that's a skankin' good time. This weekend Breach of Trust is playing at the Pyramid, I really want to go. I seen them once when I was younger, they were opening up for Finger Eleven and after the show we got to hang out with all the bands, and Breach of Trust were really nice guys. So this Saturday I'm gonna go check them out.

I haven't touched my guitar in like forever. I'm not to sure how I feel about that. I haven't been writing much either. I haven't been really busy or anything in particular, I'm probably just not getting much inspiration, but it's all good, and I don't want to force anything. The summer has been treating me well thus far, and I'm enjoying the weather and walking around downtown and absorbing my surroundings.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Did the show solo today. I was nervous and it was apparent. I tried not to be too organised, didn't have a set playlist, just had a list of songs I wanted to play, in no particular order. Next week look in show mailbox before the show, and not almost at the end. The show after Only Cowards, The Faktory had left a CD for me to play. When I put it in the CD player it kept on coming up error. It took me 10 minutes after their show had started that I needed to put the CD into the actual computer tower. I feel really bad. I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box.

After the show and whatnot, I went to Old Market Square. Went the Jazz Wrap Up to go see Moses Mayes, however seen a few bands before that. There was this awesome Australian band. I need to figure it out, I'm sure I will. Also see The Beast. I left during The Beast. I was way to tired to stay any longer. I'm really disappointed I couldn't muster up the energy to stay longer. But hey you're tired, you're tired.

The end of the Jonas Brothers concert downtown + Sunday Night Cruise = Traffic Nightmare. I don't get the deal is with the Jonas Brothers, but I guess they're like the Backstreet Boys or New Kids On The Block. I don't believe I've actually ever heard a song by them, oh well. Traffic was nuts. If I were driving I'd be screaming. Luckily I am now a permanent bus rider. So traffic didn't get me angry.

Captain Lazerwolf is officially dead. She could rise from the dead with a new engine, but I don't see that being in the cards for quite a while. I am a horrible car owner, and with me naming my car, she finally took my lack of attention personally, and gave up on me. I am at fault, but I never once said I should be a car owner, all the maintenance is so tedious and costing. Public transportation is so much cheaper. Rest in Peace Captain Lazerwolf, maybe one day you'll come back to life, and be like a zombie or Frankenstein.