Monday, July 27, 2009


I've been listening to Bike for Three! pretty much non stop since I bought the CD last week. It's just so awesomely amazing. I've also been listening to Camera Obscura. Nothing really interesting happened in the past week.

The show went well tonight. Didn't get to play everything on my list, but that's a good thing, because I can play it next week, or the week after. The playlists are being posted at

Went and seen Flash Lightnin' and Eagles of Death Metal after the show. It was awesome Flash Lightnin' rocks, and I want to listen to them more. Eagles of Death Metal were stellar! They opened up with Cherry Cola. I can't exactly remember what the last song was. They played my personal favourites for the most part. But I like so many of their songs. I was so stoked they did Whorehoppin'. I was pleasantly surprised that they played my favourite song, Now I'm A Fool. It strikes me as a more mellow tune. I was so happy they performed it. Jesse started off the encore with Takin' Care of Business. They did a few covers in the encore. I hope they make it back here again.

Last night, had a bit of a break in the writers block, and wrote a few things last night. I haven't read them over, but am glad I was able to write, and I'm sure it's at least half decent.

Hopefully I was able to make some one's night. I had an extra ticket, and couldn't find anyone to come with me to E.O.D.M. When I got to the venue I asked if they were selling tickets, and it was sold out, well they had only 1 ticket left. So I told them if someone was looking for a ticket to give them mine. Hopefully someone went there and was able to get it for free.

That was my good deed for the week. Not that I have a good deed quota.

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