Monday, July 20, 2009


Well what has transpired in the past week in a bit? I meant to update this yesterday, but I have a horrible memory. Last week was pretty uneventful for the most part.

Friday after work, I went and got a super sweet tattoo. I love it. People think I'm clever, even thought it's not what I imagined in my head. It's my tattoo artist who's clever.

Saturday night, I went out to the Pyramid to go check out, Bruthers of Different Muthers, Dreadnaught, and Breach of Trust. I was wasted. They put on a really good shows. I need to learn to be more quiet whilst drinking. Had a great time, stayed for way too long. I met Breach of Trust years ago when I was 16. They were opening up for Finger Eleven, I remember talking to them, and they were really nice guys. That's why I wanted to go see them again, and true to form, they are really nice guys.

I couldn't sleep in on Sunday for whatever reason. Was up way too early. Went to the mall in the afternoon. Bought two CDs. Was at the station at 4:30. Gave me plenty of time to find my music, have a simple game plan, and start. I knew what I wanted to start off the show with. I knew generally the songs/bands I wanted to play. When the show started, I had two or three songs lined up, after that I had no idea. I kept it up the entire show, not knowing what I was going to play the next song or two. Just ideas and moods, after listening to one song, well I'd like to hear this next, and so forth.

Three shows down, five to go until Jocelyn returns.

After the show I stuck around the station for a bit. Found and listened to some new music. Came home listened to said music. Watched a bunch of romantic comedies that were playing on Movie Time. Laid in bed, listened to music again whilst reading Hard Core Roadshow. The journal of writing a movie about a four punk guys, doing a reunion tour is awesome. It makes me want to start a band, and tour.

Today I listened to Bike for Three, most of the day. I love Richard Terfry/Buck 65. Just something about his voice, and the lyrics he comes up with. Joelle the other person in this project, her music is so very imaginative. I really enjoy this collaboration. I think it's so amazing that they've never actually met in person.

It makes me really want to write and create. Start something up.

The only thing holding me back, is myself.

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