Sunday, July 5, 2009


Did the show solo today. I was nervous and it was apparent. I tried not to be too organised, didn't have a set playlist, just had a list of songs I wanted to play, in no particular order. Next week look in show mailbox before the show, and not almost at the end. The show after Only Cowards, The Faktory had left a CD for me to play. When I put it in the CD player it kept on coming up error. It took me 10 minutes after their show had started that I needed to put the CD into the actual computer tower. I feel really bad. I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box.

After the show and whatnot, I went to Old Market Square. Went the Jazz Wrap Up to go see Moses Mayes, however seen a few bands before that. There was this awesome Australian band. I need to figure it out, I'm sure I will. Also see The Beast. I left during The Beast. I was way to tired to stay any longer. I'm really disappointed I couldn't muster up the energy to stay longer. But hey you're tired, you're tired.

The end of the Jonas Brothers concert downtown + Sunday Night Cruise = Traffic Nightmare. I don't get the deal is with the Jonas Brothers, but I guess they're like the Backstreet Boys or New Kids On The Block. I don't believe I've actually ever heard a song by them, oh well. Traffic was nuts. If I were driving I'd be screaming. Luckily I am now a permanent bus rider. So traffic didn't get me angry.

Captain Lazerwolf is officially dead. She could rise from the dead with a new engine, but I don't see that being in the cards for quite a while. I am a horrible car owner, and with me naming my car, she finally took my lack of attention personally, and gave up on me. I am at fault, but I never once said I should be a car owner, all the maintenance is so tedious and costing. Public transportation is so much cheaper. Rest in Peace Captain Lazerwolf, maybe one day you'll come back to life, and be like a zombie or Frankenstein.

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