Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This month has been really uneventful. I haven't gone to any shows, which is really sad. Well I lied. I did go to one amazing show this month. That was only a few days ago, when AC/DC graced my city with their presence. It was an amazing show. They sure know how to rock it. The stage theatrics were so good. The cannons, Rosie, the trains, the animations, just killer.

There was a few shows going on this month that I really wanted to go to, but never had the chance to, or just didn't get out. So the plan for next month is to go to the shows I really want to. Skratch Bastid is coming here to play at the Pyramid, I'd love to check him out, he's one of my favourite D.J.'s. I really only know of him because of his collaborations with Buck 65. But I think it would definitely be an interesting show to check out.

The Hold Steady is also coming next month, however their show has been sold out for quite a while, and doubt if I can get tickets. I also believe that Franz Ferdinand will be in town. I really need to get Uptown, and check out the shows. They've just been really hard to find lately. So that has also impacted me going or not going to shows, because I don't find out they've happened, until the next day or something.

Must get on top of things. It seems like I have no time, but in the same instance all I have is spare time. It's quite the conundrum.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Waiting for you to reach out
So much alike,
You're doing the same.
Pretending we don't care,
Even though we have
so much to share.
Wish we could get over it
Trying so hard
but cannot change.
When we should
really just rearrange.
This complicated situation.
It could be so clear
But we're way too lost.
So sort this
mess out.
Just admit
to what
our heart
Don't want to
put out the
It burns
white hot
deep inside.
Wanting each other
to realise.
Think that it's
far too late
To commiserate
These emotions that
lay deep inside.


I sold the house last Tuesday
I went to brother's house for beers
The heat turned off last Sunday
But it's been cold in here for years
And I could tell that you've been changing
While all along I stay the same
While your life's been rearranging
All you left me was my name

And it all seems like a dream
You've gone and left me, Angeline
You ain't telling a lie
I can see it your eyes

Well all the folks
They've been asking
How you've been
And where you are
I hope you find what you are looking for out there
It's hard to tell from afar

And I guess it's hard to tell
What's to be in the coming years
I guess I knew we wouldn't make it
But what do I do with all these tears

You were my beauty queen
You've gone and left me, Angeline

You ain't telling a lie
I can see it your eyes
You ain't telling a lie
I can see it your eyes.

By Romi Mayes

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I’m California bound
I can hardly wait to lay my beach towel out
The sky is closing in
I can feel the future on my skin
Glistening like a horse
shining like a city of quartz

Running out of phase
The desert and the microwaves
A siren and a whore
in the echo of the last good war
On the air tonight
On the air tonight

Your voice is nothing against the noise of the engine grinding out that summer line
Coast in slow over Reno, the Diablos
I can almost see the waves break on the dial

When the last flight touches down
When the immigrants have kissed the ground
When your legs are tucked away
and the colourful has turned to beige
Stand glistening like a horse
Shining like a city of quartz

By Greg MacPherson


Sound so scared
Wanting to let it go
Nobody will notice
Nobody will know,
It's totally apparent
My voice gives it away
Trying so hard
but there's nothing left to say
Can't cover it up
Your ears
bear witness
Sound so shaky
and unsure.
Wanting you to
be aware.
Of my lack of
Wanting to be bigger
than the show
Listening to the replay
thinking of all the good things
I should say.

Friday, August 7, 2009


So apparently it's already August. The calender hanging up in my kitchen still says it's June. I think it's time for me to change that. I probably won't.

I had a fun August long weekend, went over to a friend's/coworker's on Saturday. Was very entertaining, listened to a bunch of awesome music, drank copious amounts of rum. It was terrific. Also tried my very first gin and tonic. My god was it amazing. I now need to stock up on gin and tonic for that very matter.

I really want to build up my liquor supply just in case I decided to ever entertain, I would be an awesome host because I would have a well stocked liquor cabinet.

Sunday the radio show went well. Didn't know what my plan was for most of it. Decided to play punk and harder rock for the first half an hour. Then decided to switch over to hip hop and rap for the second half hour. The last half hour, I wanted to slow things down and mellow them out, so I did with some softer rock music and country. I think it worked out swimmingly.

I just can't believe it's August already. I need to do something. I really want to go home for at least one weekend this summer but with no car, I don't think it was meant to be. Probably won't be able to go home until Thanksgiving which very unfortunate. I'm missing my family right now.

So many things to do, in so little time.