Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This month has been really uneventful. I haven't gone to any shows, which is really sad. Well I lied. I did go to one amazing show this month. That was only a few days ago, when AC/DC graced my city with their presence. It was an amazing show. They sure know how to rock it. The stage theatrics were so good. The cannons, Rosie, the trains, the animations, just killer.

There was a few shows going on this month that I really wanted to go to, but never had the chance to, or just didn't get out. So the plan for next month is to go to the shows I really want to. Skratch Bastid is coming here to play at the Pyramid, I'd love to check him out, he's one of my favourite D.J.'s. I really only know of him because of his collaborations with Buck 65. But I think it would definitely be an interesting show to check out.

The Hold Steady is also coming next month, however their show has been sold out for quite a while, and doubt if I can get tickets. I also believe that Franz Ferdinand will be in town. I really need to get Uptown, and check out the shows. They've just been really hard to find lately. So that has also impacted me going or not going to shows, because I don't find out they've happened, until the next day or something.

Must get on top of things. It seems like I have no time, but in the same instance all I have is spare time. It's quite the conundrum.

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