Thursday, April 2, 2009


Putting shoes on hurts. I greatly underestimated the feeling when I got the tops of my feet tattooed two days ago. Every time I put on my shoes, it's pain. Not completely unbearable, it's just when I initially put my shoes on. It's a stinging, dragging pain. Last night I decided to retire early, so I went upstairs to my guest room to sleep. However upon arriving in my guest room, I decided to read and listen to music. After about an hour I started feeling unwell, so I decided it was best to go to bed. I laid in bed for about 30 minutes, without falling asleep. So I decided to get back up, I got high, played my music loud. I also broke out the acoustic guitar. I have not touched her in well over a month. I got her all nice and tuned, and played her until about 2 in the morning. It was a good feeling. However my playing is incredibly rusty, and wasn't very good to begin with. I need to practice more often if I want to get my music thing rolling. So that's on the agenda, more guitar practice, along with more writing. Music is becoming more and more of my life. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. At the moment I'm at work listening to Sub City Dwellers, updating my blog. I was reading The Watchmen, however I decided to take a break for a bit. I'm almost done work, I'm looking forward to it. This evening seems like it'll be busy. I had planned to go visit a friend tonight, but that might be postponed. Another friend today called me at work, saying he needed to talk to me in person. So I'm kind of concerned with that, seeing as I just talked with him yesterday. He told me what was up with him, etc. So now I'm just wondering what he needs to tell me now, I'm so curious. I'm going to try leave work early, that way I can see him get that out of the way, and it'll still be relatively early so I can go visit my other friend. Hopefully I have enough time for everything I had planned this evening.

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