Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I should really be sleeping right now. It's still relatively early in Charlieland. It's after 1 am. I don't work until the afternoon, so sleep shouldn't be an issue. The issue is I need about 12 hours of sleep. I'll probably sleep shortly but who really knows.

I'm not posting from work for a change. I temporarily have access to a laptop which affords me access to wireless Internet. I'm not sure how long this arrangement will last.

Today was awesome. I met up with a few good friends, and went to the grounds of the legislative building. We smoked a joint, and just sat around, chilled and talked for the afternoon. One of my friends had a guitar, so that was fun, I brought along my Wilson Meyer. It was good fun times. Talked about various things, and topics. Brought me some insight to move on from things I cannot change.

The most complete randomness always happens to me. It's just utter randomness, I don't get it, and it always happens to me. I totally just attract random events.

I was talking with one of my friends, and there's so many awesome things coming up this week. Wednesday Shout Out Out Out Out is playing at the Pyramid. On Saturday is 80s vs 90s Night also happening at the Pyramid. It should be good fun times. I plan to dance my ass off both nights. I'm totally stoked.

I was talking with my friend earlier about these interviews I've been watching as of late. I've been totally into Queens of the Stone Age as of late, as well as the Desert Sessions. I've come to the conclusion that Josh Homme is totally amazing, and I look up to him. His interviews are amazing. I was watching this one series of interviews he was doing while promoting Lullabies to Paralyze. The question would be posed, and I was bored, and doing the thing I do, so I would talk aloud and answer the question the way I would answer it. His words were my words. The things he was thinking about music and life, were the things I was thinking. There was one thing that was a total turning point, and is one of my true beliefs. He's like if there's something you can't change, fuck it. There's no point wasting time on it. And that's one of the pillars of my life, and the one I've been struggling with the most as of late. Situations you cannot change, and not being able to just say fuck it. It was just totally amazing, and it made me appreciate him as an artist, and musician that much more. The thoughts and the words that he was conveying.

His thoughts about writing, and creating a certain imagery. But not finishing the sentence, that's up to the viewer/listener to do. It's better that way. I love his writing and his music, and the way he uses certain imagery, and how he doesn't finish the sentence, he lets us the audience do it, and I'd really like to do that with my writing.

I've been not practicing much guitar lately. I've been mainly working on words. I've come up with quite a bit of words actually, but how they will fit with music I'm unsure. I have some melodies that want to get out of my head. However they're still not sure how. My guitar skills are still very limited. That can only be helped with practice. However I find it hard to practice without getting frustrated. I must move on, control my temper and have more patience. The words are coming. I just need help with the music.

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