Sunday, April 12, 2009

Self-Determination and Booty Liberation

Dancing for a free Palestine was off the hook. It was most definitely a night of self - determination and booty liberation as promised. I'm out on my reserve right now, for the next day or two. I got here last night. Sat around and visited with my family. Today is pretty much the same. We'll be having our Easter dinner in a bit. I'm really looking forward to next week. Monday the 20th should be fun. Getting together with a few friends for a day date, followed by chilling at the legislative building in the afternoon. Guitars and Wilson Meyers will be had by all! It should be a good fun time. This awesome band Shout Out Out Out Out is playing at the pyramid on the 22nd. That should be a good fun time. The last time I went and seen them was after I seen Bob Dylan in November. They put on an amazing show, they just have really great energy. It should be an awesome night of dancing and partying. I'm totally stoked. They put on a better show than Bob Dylan. It was more entertaining anyways. The Weakerthans are playing this upcoming weekend. I really really want to go see them, but I'm unsure if I will. I just wanna get out and go to as many shows as humanly possible. Just going out and dancing, having a great time with friends, and meeting awesome new people. It's what I'm all about at this moment in time.

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