Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun Times

Fun times. Monday night was pretty stellar. Went to go see Inward Eye at The Albert for their video shoot. It was awesome fun times. I'm pretty sure me and my friend will be in their next music vid. We were definitely in the crowd shots. They're so full of energy and put an awesome live show. I can't wait to see a full set from them at Rock on the Range this summer. They did a pretty short set, and played the same songs over and over, because after all it was a video shoot. It was all said and done by 11:30. But good fun times none the less, and it was a free show after all. Friday is some awesome danciness party, with some local DJ's. Should be fun. Saturday I have a dilemma. Part of me wants to leave the city for the long weekend, however Saturday night Sub City Dwellers is playing at Hooligans. I really want to see Sub City, they just make me wanna dance and have a good worry free time. I'll figure out what to do in due course. I'm definitely looking forward to Friday. After Thursday I officially have a 4 days off. I'm so stoked. No plans really for tonight. Friday is dancing, then Saturday when I get up, I'll decide whether to leave the city, or if I should stay for Sub City Dwellers.

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