Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So yeah

Easter with the family was good. Got back into the city Monday night. Sunday night I went and chilled with Travis. We watched Repo: The Genetic Opera. It was alright. I might watch it again, afterwards we watched 10 Things I Hate About You. I love that movie. Go teenage high school movies about love and what not. Monday when I got back into the city, didn't really do anything. Yesterday I worked a long ass shift, and today I'm at work again. At least it's a short week, and next week is a short week, as I have taken Monday off. I don't really have anything exciting going on for this week, or this weekend. I hope something comes up within the next few days. Actually on Saturday, my aunt's husband and I are going to the WAG and going to check out the Marilyn Monroe exhibit. We shall see how that goes. He also mentioned doing something else. That seems to be primarily a day thing. I have nothing going on for the evenings. Next week seems to be shaping up well. Monday go chill with a few friends at the legislative building. Wednesday go see this awesome dance/eletronica band from Edmonton.

Oh my god, my coworker just informed me of this awesome Hip Hop festival. Rock The Bells, it's going down this summer in Vancouver and Toronto. I'm totally down. Road trip out to Vancouver this summer is so in order!! I'm so stoked. There's no dates, venues, prices for tickets on their website as of yet. But I am so ready to go regardless. The line up is fucking awesome!! Nas & Damien Marley, The Roots, Common, and much more!! Man I'm totally excited and pumped.

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