Monday, March 30, 2009


On Friday, I was leaving my house to go to work, and there was something in my mailbox. After arriving at work, I decided to open it up; inside were some of my Cd's that I ordered from Amazon. I've been listening to them over the weekend. I got two Franz Ferdinand Cd's the self-titled one, and You Could Have It So Much Better. I also received The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site, and Reunion Tour. I'm totally enjoying The Weakerthans. Franz Ferdinand it also just kick ass. I believe I may need to get another Weakerthans Cd. They're just so fucking cool. It was an uneventful weekend. I worked on Saturday, the rest of the weekend I just listened to music. I was going to pull out my acoustic guitar, however that never happened. My notebook, unfortunately, also stayed closed. I just need some quality time for writing and my guitar, however I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate. I believe it's my home environment. It just isn't very conducive to music making or writing. It doesn't have the vibe I want it to have, and therefore is interfering with everything. I need to give my house a proper vibe. As of late it's been more of a house than a home. I don't even really feel at home in my house. I've been sleeping on the guest bed for well over a month now. I still have not made the transition back to my bed, and I really want to, but every time I go to sleep, I go straight to the guest room. I haven't even really set foot in my room, since January. About a month ago, I did have a writing fit, so I was writing on my bedroom walls, however after the fit was over, I retired to my guest room. I find it rather disturbing, as to there's really no reason for this. I would like to get to the bottom of this. I really need to just change everything in my house, not everything, but rearrange things and what not. Maybe that would change things.

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