Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Everything for the past few days has been pretty uneventful. Nothing really exciting happening. I watched RockNRolla last night. I really enjoyed it. Apparently it's supposed to be part of a trilogy, so I'm stoked for the sequels to come out. The finale last night of the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions was off the hizzook. I'm such a nerd, I was totally excited for the finale, and towards the end of the game I was all nervous, and my belly was flipping. Yeah I'm a huge dorkus malorkus. Hmmm. I'm not really sure what to write about. Work is boring, there's nothing to do. I'm wanting to go home but I'm stuck here until at least 8:30. I think I should do some more writing, and/or reading. I haven't really written anything for the past few weeks, I haven't really attempted anything. The past few weeks have been this stagnant thing. I haven't touched my guitars, or written in my notebooks. Just been listening to a lot of music, and movies. I need to feel more creative. I'm going to teach myself a song on the guitar in the next week or two. I haven't decided which song yet. Something relatively simple that I can sing as well. I have no plans for this weekend as of yet. I am working on Saturday which sucks. Maybe I'll keep it low key and just chill with some alcohol, drugs, my notebook and my guitars. Oh and my Cd's, and try have a very inspirational weekend. That probably won't happen. I should really just clean my house, that way I can be a lot more calm. The mess in my house is totally fucking with me and my vibe. I'm sure of it. Hmmm.

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