Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've been so tired as of late. I don't know what's up. It's not like I've been getting less sleep or something. I've just been totally exhausted for no particular reason. I just bought a few more CD's online because I'm a loser and had nothing better to do at work. I also bought a ticket to go to a second show on Saturday. This Saturday I'm totally stoked, Propagandhi is playing at The Garrick, then afterwards, heading off to The Albert to see The Real McKenzies. Should be good fun times. My plan is to get ridiculously drunk. I got stupid drunk last week, and I think I should follow that up with a stupid drunk Saturday night. Last weekend was pretty low key. So this weekend needs a big bang, or something along those lines. Apparently Rancid is coming to Winnipeg, June 27th for some music festival. That should totally bad ass. I still have my tickets to go see them in Saskatoon on June 8th. The announcement for the June 27th show is coming on Friday, hopefully all goes according to plan. I was told to sell the tickets for the Saskatoon show, but I would totally be up for going to both shows. They're far enough apart, and I was totally down for a mini road trip this summer. I shouldn't say was, I'm totally still down for a mini road trip this summer, and Saskatoon to see Rancid and Rise Against would just be ultimately bad ass!!

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