Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in Black

I ended up going to see Sub City Dwellers, 2 Saturday's ago. It was a blast, I showed up just as they were going on. They put on a good show and I danced my worries away. I was in Lake Louise all of last week. I left Monday, and was back Friday around midnight. I had a great time while out there. Did a bunch of fun shopping, got to see the mountains, etc. I bought some awesome new Cd's. I'm really digging Buck 65 right now. I also bought Tim Armstrong, MGMT, and Goldfrapp Cd's. I'm feeling in a dancy/upbeat mood. But yes Lake Louise was awesome, a week off with my bestest was just what I needed. I got an awesome new tattoo, and got a few ideas for some new tattoos, whilst out there. I'm so heading back there in the summer time. I can't wait. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I have no plans as of yet. This Saturday I'm going to see Propagandhi, and quite possibly The Real McKenzies. I watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang last night. Damn was it a good movie. The other night I watched Choke, I've been waiting forever to watch it, it was definitely worth the wait. I think after work today I'm going to go grocery shopping, and whatnot. Good fun times. The cupboards have been empty at my house for the past little while, and I think it's time to change that.

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