Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm super anxious and excited. I want it to be tomorrow already. There's going to be a major concert announcement. There's this Rock on the Range music festival they have every year in Columbus, Ohio. Apparently this summer they're also doing one in Winnipeg. It's June 27th, on the website as of right now they have the bands that are playing the Columbus show. But they aren't doing the announcement for the Winnipeg show until tomorrow morning. I'm really anxious and I just want to find out the bands that are playing. Word on the street is that Rancid is going to play. Tim Armstrong is my future husband. Saturday is looking up, finally paid for my Propagandhi ticket, yesterday I also bought a ticket for the Real McKenzies. I ordered a crap load of Cd's yesterday from Amazon. I'm totally stoked for them to come in. This one Cd by Tommy Guerrero - A Lil Bit of Something. I've been searching for it for YEARS!!! It reminds me of the good ole days cruising around on the reserve with my friends, getting high. It's the best music to just chill out and relax to. I once had a burnt copy of it that one of my friends gave me. However I lost it, along with the friendship, so I was never able to get a replacement copy. So I've been on this hunt for a few years now, whenever I go into a record store or whatever, I'll look for it. I haven't been able to find it, so finally I just gave up and ordered it on Amazon. Hopefully it'll be in the mail in the next week or two, along with the rest of the Cd's I ordered. I'm totally stoked, I can't wait to get super high and listen to that Cd all the way through. It should definitely be good fun times.

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