Thursday, March 5, 2009


Things have been going better as of late. The past week I've been getting back to my normal self. Last night a lot of questions were answered, and have also helped my resolve. I'm going away on my vacation on Monday, I'm super stoked for that. After tomorrow I have 9 days in a row off, also excited for that. For five of those days I'll be hiding in the mountains. I might be checking out a show this weekend, an awesome local band (Subcity Dwellers) is playing at a bar in town, should be fun. Last time I seen them in November they rocked the house, and they played a few Rancid covers. Speaking of Rancid, I got my tickets to go see them in Saskatoon this summer. I'm way stoked. Road trip to Saskatoon is totally in order. I love Rancid to death!! I've been really into ska and punk music as of the past few weeks. In fact I think it's ska/punk that's bringing me out of this funk. It's just so fast and upbeat. This summer another awesome show, I'll hopefully be going to is No Doubt. They set a date in town, and tickets go on sale this Saturday, I truly hope I can score some. But yes, things are looking up in Charlieland. This week off should really help me recuperate or just go completely wild. I'm feeling less melancholy and more like myself. I don't think I'm completely back to myself, but I'm almost there. A visit with my bestest next week should definitely bring me back!

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