Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Over

This past weekend was pretty awesome. Friday I worked until 9:30 then I went home and chilled for the night. It was nice and relaxing. Saturday was off the hook. I got nice and buzzed before leaving home. Went and seen Propagandhi at the Garrick. They put on an awesome show, although I still maintain some of the band members are complete douche bags in real life. But the show was good fun times. It was over by 11:30. Then we headed on over to the Albert to check out The Real McKenzies. Now that was a fucking awesome show. It was good fun punk times with bagpipes all around. Do not, I repeat, do not go into a mosh pit with a relatively fresh tattoo. My newest tattoo on my forearm was all scabby, lets just say by the end of the Real McKenzies, most of the scabs had vanished (were ripped off) from my arm. It wasn't the most pleasant experience. Let's hope that it'll still heal awesome and I won't have to redo it. Although I have already been contemplating fancying up my newest addition. I did buy the new Propagandhi album Supporting Caste. I feel like a bit of a tool for supporting them, but their music is awesome, and I am enjoying their Cd. So much so, in fact there's this song about cannibalism on the album, and they're vegans. So now I kind of feel I should go back to being a vegetarian. I'm not entirely convinced though, but everything is telling me to stop eating meat again. Especially after hearing that song. Mmmm Tim Hortons sausage breakfast sandwich! Haha. Yeah I'm pure evil and a hypocrite but whatever, at least I can admit it. I need to procure a few more leather goods before making the change to vegetarianism. After all I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite and buy leather wears while being a vegetarian, however all animal products purchased while being a meat eater is fair game to wear while being a vegetarian. But yes the Real McKenzies put on an awesome show. It was good fun times in the mosh pit. I just realised the next day that I seen the lead singer's package. They wear kilts on stage, and one of the last few songs he decided to moon the audience and Scots don't wear anything under their kilts. So when he bent over I seen the whole kit and caboodle. I totally repressed it in my memory when a conversation came back to me the next day, and this guy was like "at least you got to see his penis", then the whole flashing thing came back to me. Me and my friend pretty much ended up closing The Albert down, we were like the last few people in their. I also bought a Real McKenzies Cd. At the merch table one of the dudes from the band was selling their merch, so I drunkenly asked him, if I was to own one Real McKenzies Cd which one should it be. So he handed me their latest one Off The Leash. I'm very pleased with my purchase. It's a totally awesome Cd, there's this one awesome drinking song on it. It's just filled with bag piped goodness. On another awesome Cd note. I'm totally enjoying the new Franz Ferdinand Cd - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. It's just good dancy fun times. If you're just looking for a Cd to be like whatever, I feel like dancing, and having a good time. The new Franz is definitely the way to go.

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