Monday, February 9, 2009

Can't Keep This To Myself

I'm currently at work. So far the morning has been uneventful. I've been listening to this awesome new CD by this artist named Wab Kinew, and his album is called Live by the Drum. I'm not generally a fan of rap music, however I'm really enjoying the lyrics, and the beats he's creating. It's just a killer album every song has it's highlights. I'm not sure if there's a song that I DON'T like. In the mean time I don't have a voice, or the voice that I have left sounds horrid. I can't scream, like what if I was to get attacked or something? I wouldn't have a voice to defend myself. I was on the radio last night for a few brief seconds. One of my friends hosts a local radio show on Sunday night, and I was helping her answer phones for the FunDrive. At one point she convinced me to go on air. I did my shtick which is a lot of Awesomes, Totallys and For Sures. We talked a bit about Propagandhi, it was fun. It just opened up my eyes a little bit more. I really want to be on the radio, but I'm not sure what I'd talk about, or what I'd play, because I like such a wide variety of music. What would my radio show be like. Those are the thoughts I've been entertaining in my head since last night. I've been immersing myself into music as well. I'm working on writing my own, what will my album be like when it's released. What genre would my music be. I'm unsure, I believe it'll be more rock influenced. That seems to be the genre of music I listen to the most. I really want to start recording. However I must write first, my inspiration as of late has been amazing. I don't know if there has previously been a time in my life when I've felt this inspired. It's such a great feeling. I think I'm starting to write an album. Well I'm writing poems as of late, which I hope to convert or gather some inspiration from for lyrics. I'm really stoked at this creative process. It's a challenge thinking creatively after all of these years thinking very logically and linearly. I'm enjoying this challenge. I'm totally looking forward to the future and what it holds. My nowhere tattoo is such an inspiration to my life now. I'm totally stoked I finally got it. It's just nothing but pure inspiration for me. For me, my life is currently all about inspiration and creativity. In the near future I'd like to collaborate with some people, but for now I'm all about internalising, and collaborating with myself. I've been getting into the local music scene, and it's great how these bands do so much on their own without being afraid. I'm looking within myself for that type of courage. To be unafraid what people think and bare myself on stage. But that's what's mainly going through my mind as of late.

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