Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Fun Times

Friday was good fun times. I worked, and played guitar at work, it was fun. After work, went to a local bar for 80's vs. 90's night. It was off the hook. I got super shitfaced, and danced the night away. I was drinking doubles pretty much all night, surprisingly I didn't do any shots, which is totally weird/odd. Last call was a gong show. I bought myself 2 doubles, and then my friend bought me a drink, so I'm on the dance floor with 3 drinks in my hand. God did I feel like an alcoholic. I lost a pack of smokes at the bar. After the bar, we went back to my friends place, and we stopped at Mac's to buy more cigarettes. We chilled out in his place for a while, had another drink. Talked until like 5:30 in the morning, then finally went to bed. I slept until about 2:30 in the afternoon. Then around 3:30 I was getting ready to go home, and I look in my pockets for my car key. It's no where to be found!! And it's the only key I have. Tried retracing my footsteps, couldn't find my keys...and while I was looking for my keys, I also discovered I lost my 2nd pack of cigarettes. Like 2 fucking packs of smokes in one night, god damn. Tried calling the bar, they haven't found anything. Tried calling the cab company, their lost and found isn't open until Tuesday, because Monday is a holiday, and I can't get a key made at my car dealership, because their parts department is closed until Tuesday. So I'm without a car until Tuesday at the earliest. All my make up is in my car, so I had to re buy all the liquid stuff today, and my guitar is in the trunk of my car, it's very sad and cold back there. But with all the losing stuff, I still had a blast. Last night I went and seen The Wrestler with my aunt's husband. Amazing movie, Mickey Rourke is amazing in it!!! So good, I want to see it again. Kind of an ironic moment, in the movie Mickey's character has a heart attack, about 5 minutes later, this lady in the theatre starts freaking out and screaming saying someone call 911, her husband was having a heart attack!!! The movie kept on playing, and within 5 minutes the situation was resolved, and I was able to finish watching the movie. Lots of people helped her out so it was cool, and I think her husband was ok. Then I decided to catch a ride with my aunt's husband back home to visit my mom and dad. So now I'm here until tomorrow, just because staying in the city for a long weekend with no plans seemed ultra sucky. My mom is lending me her car to get back to the city tomorrow, so that should be stellar, and make running my errands for getting a key for my car on Tuesday a hell of a lot easier. I went to Wal Mart today and re bought all my make up that I know is now ruined. I miss my guitar, and all my important things are in my car. My guitar is in there, my bag with my notebooks. I can't wait until I get my car back, and get a key. There was something else I was going to write but can't think of it now. Oh well, another time.

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