Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gong Show

So Friday night was one of the most expensive nights out on the town. I spent like $100 at the bar; on drinks, cabs, and cigarettes. The replacement cost for keys including 2 keys, a tow for my car to get to the dealership (I have computer chips in my keys) cost me $250. My make up was in my car, and I had to re buy all the liquid stuff, that was like $70. And when I got to my car on Tuesday there was a parking ticket for $35, if I don't pay in the next two weeks jumps up to $70. So I spent like $500. A few days ago, I really just wanted to throw the towel in, fuck everything and disappear. When I was driving back into the city on Monday, I almost kept on driving. I just wanted to keep on going, to nowhere in particular. Just someplace new. I got some awesome news last night, so I'm not as tempted to run away, and feel I can hang in for a few more weeks until I go on my vacation, and see my bestest. I can't wait. Much shopping shall be had. I absolutely NEED a pair of cowboy boots just because. So yes, Monday I didn't run away as much as I wanted too. It took every ounce of strength for me to stay. When I got home I almost immediately left. I just wanted to fuck off and leave everything behind. I'm in a better place right now and feel like I can stick it out. Just got to think 3 more weeks, and I'll be hanging with my bestest! Hopefully we'll be drunk and stoned out of our minds. I'm stoked. Lots of shopping and tattoos shall be had!

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