Thursday, February 5, 2009


Everything is good for now. I figured shit out last night, and like I said in times like this everything rectifies itself, and most things have figured themselves out. I'm super stoked and excited over the latest developments. I really couldn't be happier. I'm sure I could be happier, but not much could make me that much happier. I booked a week off of work next month, to visit my bestest. It shall be awesome. I just have to book my flights now. Hopefully by the middle of next week I shall have that done. I'm so stoked. Here's just a lil something I started last night. I don't believe it's done yet.

You and I are so bad for eachother.
Whenever I'm with you,
I have such a blast,
But if something were to happen between us,
I just don't think it'll last.

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