Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I should be sleeping. Or maybe not. I don't work until 12:30 tomorrow, so that's good. I'm tired, but I want to rip all the music I can to my laptop.

I promised myself I wouldn't fill up my laptop with music, but I can't help it. I'm trying to put only my essentials. But I'm not even close to finishing it.

Rancid was A-FUCKING-MAZING!! It was Rancid, like that's all you have to say about that. The Riverboat Gamblers put on an awesome set. Rancid was just stellar, they played a bunch of their old stuff. One of my personal faves, being St. Mary. So killer!! I've never really listened to Rise Against before. They put on a great show, but nothing can really top Rancid. It's a shame they weren't headlining. But nonetheless so glad I finally was able to see them.

Had a good time in Saskatoon actually. As much as we like to bash it here. It's actually a nice small city. You can walk practically everywhere. Well where we were staying anyways.

My car finally got a name on this road trip! From here on out my car is to be called Captain Lazerwolf. Had an awesome time with Jocelyn and Jess. It was just a good fun time, and it would be awesome to do it again.

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