Sunday, June 21, 2009


I came out to my reserve yesterday. On Friday, I went and seen Wab perform at the Pyramid. There was an awesome opening hip hop group. Cannot remember what they were called. I went out last night, got to hang with people I haven't seen in a while.

Got back to my sisters around 9 or 10 this morning. I slept for 4 hours. Went for a swim with my clothes on. It was awesome. Tried driving back home. Made it about 15-20 minutes away, then my car died. Captain Lazerwolf is no more. Well she is, she needs to be fixed. But I'm kind of over it. It barely started all winter, now this. I'm not planning on traveling much outside of the city this summer. I'm working weekends and have the radio show on Sundays. We have a half decent transit system. Not having to pay to insure my car would be awesome, and I would save so much money not buying gas. I can get a bus pass from work for about 55$ a month. I just kind of want to abandon my car. Have to get it towed somewhere tomorrow, can't really leave it on the side of the highway as much as I'd like to.

I just figured out my sister had wireless internet. Even she didn't know she had it. Instead since yesterday I was waiting turns for the computer, meanwhile I could've used my laptop. Oh well at least I figured it out.

Catching a ride to Kenora with my aunt tomorrow. Have to leave ridiculously early. I'm going to miss work. Have to remember to call them early tomorrow let them know I'm stuck in Ontario. The bus doesn't leave Kenora until the afternoon when my work day is almost done.

Have to figure out what to do about my car. Too many things to do.

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