Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last night was fun. Grand Analog put on a good show, and I really dug what he played. Hip hop is so much fun to dance too, I almost forgot.

I got way too drunk, and was almost passing out on the patio, then I went inside the bathroom to get sick, then I was OK, and drank some water, then went back to drinking booze again. Haha.

I had a great time with Jocelyn, we just sat around and talked about various things for a few hours it seemed. It was awesome. We mostly talked about music, and disusing certain words. I totally would like to see Hawksley Workman again.

Tonight is Subcity Dwellers, that promises to be a good fun time. I hear more and more people I know are coming, so that should be awesomeness. Saturday TV on the Radio is playing at the Burt. I would really like to go see them. I only know one song by them, and it's really killer, and they seem like they would be amazing live.

There's just so many awesome shows coming up in the next little bit. I'm really excited and looking forward too them. My mom just called, she forgot to call me yesterday. She's getting me a laptop for my birthday. Huzzah!!!

There was a lady who approached us on the patio, last night, and asked me for a cigarette, she then told us this heart breaking story. I hope she's safe and is/was able to get where she needs to go. I can't remember her name (I was ridiculously drunk), I wish I could. I've experienced some of the things she was going through. I could understand where she was coming from, and I really wanted to help her. I just really hope and pray she made it to her destination safely.

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