Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I did the radio show for the first time on my own on Sunday. It was scary and nerve racking. I needed to talk louder, and I blanked a few times. I totally forgot what I wanted to say at some moments. My music I had well prepared in advance. The music part of the show went off without a hitch. It was the talking part that did me in. Next time I won't wing it, I think I'll bring along notes with my play list that way I know what I want to touch on. As one of my friends said, at least it leaves room for improvement.

I'm always up for improvement. At least I got my first show out of the way, and that's good. I have plenty of room to improve, and hopefully I can learn to speak louder and be not so nervous on air. The "umms" really got to me. I'm super stoked though for taking over the show in the summer.

I'll really need a laptop or something. Some sort of internet that I can access whenever I choose. That's why a laptop would be my best option. Here's hoping someone is kind enough to buy me one, because god knows I'm not going to buy my own.

In exactly one week I turn 24. I'm unsure about how I feel about this event in my life. I don't really have any concrete plans for my birthday, but I've never really been one to have plans, or to celebrate, etc. For myself, I'm going back to a simpler time of being a vegetarian. That is my birthday present to myself.

Monday night me and a few friends are going to see Hawksley Workman open up the West End Cultural Centre. I'm totally excited and stoked. Next Wednesday Grand Analog is having a CD release party that happens to fall on the day of my birthday. Which is totally exciting. I'm half tempted to go, but part of me also wants to do nothing on my birthday. On the Thursday after Subcity Dwellers are also playing at the West End Cultural Centre. I got tickets for that, so I'm most definitely going to that.

A lot of dancing will be had next week. I'm totally looking forward to it. There's a band playing tomorrow night I really wanna check out, however I'm broke until Friday. This sucks. I knew over the weekend I wanted to save some money. But no I didn't, because I don't like to think ahead, and I was hoping the show was Saturday rather than Thursday.

I want to do something that I love. Something I can do with passion. Being a clerk is really getting to me. I do it to pay the bills, but I'd love to get paid to do something I love, like talk, be on the radio, playing music, and things like that. Hopefully over the summer the right person will be listening to my show. There's very little passion in my life right now. My passions are for music and writing. I'm having a difficult time focusing.

I was watching or listening to something the other day where it had such a "wow" moment for me. But I can't really remember what that was all about. It'll come back to me in time I'm sure, because it was such a wow moment. I just wish I could remember the concretes of that moment, and what it was all about.

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