Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday I co-hosted my friends radio show. Next Sunday I'm on my own. I'm totally nervous, scared and excited. The server for the station went down over the weekend, so unfortunately there's no archive of the show from yesterday. My first show on my own, hopefully nothing goes wrong, and it archives, and my friends and family will be able to download it. Many of my friends and family don't live in the same city as me, so having it stream online is a great thing for me.

I'm at work right now, listening to music, working on a play list for Sundays show. It's such a daunting task. Picking music I like, that I think others will like, that also doesn't have swears. Hopefully has Canadian/Local content, it also can't be top 40. Like wow. I have a pretty big set list right now, but I'm pretty much putting anything on it. I want it to be music I truly dig, and also music that I think other people will dig. I'm more worried about the music than the actual talking. Talking isn't a huge thing for me, in fact it's pretty hard to get me to shut the fuck up. Very rarely in my life am I actually speechless. I'll definitely have to edit my play list down, there's some stuff on there I'm not really digging. But at the same time I don't know if I have enough music to fill an hour and half time slot, and I also don't want to play the same artists over, and over again. I have less than a week to figure this out. It shouldn't be a problem.

It's so nice outside and I'm done work in less than an hour. I spent 5 rolls of film yesterday. I need to buy more. I think I'm going to wander aimlessly taking pictures. I wish I had someone to do it with, but meh whatever. I'm not one for initiating plans with anyone person. I'd rather be the invitee than the one doing the inviting. But yes outdoor, building/nature/whatever pictures must be had today. It's just such a beautiful day you can't pass it up. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Maybe I will call up a friend or something. It's way too nice of a day to spend on your own. That's the plan, shower, leave work, buy film, go home, pick up my camera, and either take the bus or drive to wherever I feel is right.

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