Sunday, January 17, 2010

So yes

Haven't written in here for a few weeks. Let's see what has transpired. Mexico was awesome. Had a great time chillin' on the beach reading. So relaxing. Just what I wanted out of my vacation. Everyone's asking me what I did. Nothing is what I did, sat on the beach, drank and read. Nothing could be better. Did go check out Chichen Itza, that was amazing.

Didn't make it back in time to do the first show of the year. However I made up with my first show of the year. I love doing the show. It was hard being away for two weeks. Have another show upcoming in a few hours, definitely looking forward to it.

Since I've been back, I've gone to a few shows. Went to check out Romi Mayes, at Times Change(d), last Friday. Never been in there before. I really dug it. Then the next night, I made my triumphant return to The Albert and caught, The Animalistics, The Ruffnecks and Quagmire. It was an awesome show. I so missed The Albert. Love that venue/bar.

Tuesday is Monotonix at The Pyramid. No excuses, must go! Missed them last time, and missed out on an awesome show.

Life has been wacky. Finally got to catch up with two friends I haven't seen in forever. One meeting went awesome. The other fucked me over, twice. I thought he was like my brother, apparently not. But someone did say family does fucked up shit to another. Just not what I expected. Feel totally betrayed and like a dumbass. Just not fucking cool. Shit happens, and karma's a bitch! He'll get his. Haha!

Enough anger. Must leave in an hour and a bit to go do Only Cowards Sing At Night. It always makes me happy. Just some chill time, sharing music. What more can you ask for?

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