Saturday, January 23, 2010


As if I totally forgot to mention Monotonix. What an amazing show! I'm so glad I went, although I did get sick as I was on my way to the venue. Damn old beer kegs! They were so good, played pretty much everywhere except the stage. The energy of the crowd was amazing. They played on top of the crowd! So good! So much fun! I semi survived the pit. Didn't last too long, although I was close to the band the whole night, but really who wasn't? Every time they stop through town, I shall be there!

The band had great energy, they really know how to put on a show and tear it up! Cannot wait until they pass by here again. I was wasted by the end of the night. As I was buying shots for the people I was there with, I made the comment "this is why we don't let me drink", and then Jocelyn says, "this is why we let you drink, you buy us
drinks." Touche!

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