Saturday, January 31, 2009

Insane in the Membrane

Last night and this morning was so fucking insane. Just total fucking insanity, and that's all I have to say about that. It was fun, but insane nonetheless. Just as soon as I started this blog. I shall soon be internetless soon, I will be able to update from work I suppose. It's not like I do much else at work. I shall soon be getting it back again, at some point, just unsure exactly when. I hear a brand new laptop might be in my future. That excites the hell out of me, lets hope this comes true. I went shopping today, totally tired and exhausted from last night/this morning. I did buy some cute jeans and an awesome sweater, and just some sweats. I broke one of my favourite earrings last night. I hope I can find the other piece to it and glue it back together. I need to clean. I can't concentrate and just wind down with all this shit around me. I need to relax and chill. That's the agenda for tomorrow. Learn to live life without the internet, and with all that spare time I shall clean. Hopefully I'll get back to the gym now with this no internet jazz. In the evening my plan for tomorrow is chill, maybe watch Life of Brian, because after someone texted me Blogus Updatus earlier for some strange reason I thought of Bigus Dickus, from said movie. I now own this movie, finally!! Haven't watched it yet since I received the gift. I got tickets to see Propagandhi. I'm so fucking stoked and excited. It's totally badical, it's going to be such an awesome night, like their CD release party. It's going to be off the hook, but it's in March so it's still awhile away. Propagandhi reminds me of high school, and had some of the greatest moments of my life in high school. It was so much fun being on the fringe, and observing people. This upcoming week should be interesting. I'm sure my mind will wander in the upcoming days, and I'm sure I'll find a moment to update my random nonsense on here. I don't really have anything else to say at the moment, which is very rare for me. So I shall leave it at that.

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