Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Beginning

Everything has a beginning. This is the beginning of my blog. It'll be a place for me to store random nonsense. Rant and rave about my life. Perhaps post some original writings. It'll serve it's purpose of a journal of some sort. Names may or may not be changed depending on the situation. Some of the things I write on here will take place in the real world, some of the things will have happened in some far off place, that doesn't really exist. I've resisted having a blog for the longest time. However I was convinced by a genius to take up blogging. So I heeded her advice and here I am. I want to keep this anon as possible. I will say this much about myself. I'm a 20-somethings female. You'll discover that my life revolves around Music and Film. I also enjoy the quest for adventure. I love adventures, in fact I often say there's nothing more to life than gathering up stories, oh and the stories I've gathered up through the years. Hopefully my I'll run into way more adventures and stories along the way, and I'll have plenty more to say and tell.

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